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Educated Housemaids – Latest Nollywood Movies 2014

How far should a person go in the search of true love when the road to finding 'the one' is paved with a bit of promiscuity. Young, handsome and wealthy Mr Fab has come up with an unusual tactic to finding the right woman but eventually realises that Love isn't something you find, Love is…
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See Gobe – Nigerian Nollywood Movies

Watch free Nigerian Nollywood Movies, Ghallywood movies in English and Yoruba. This a latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie 2013. A gang of pretty, sexy young ladies prey on unsuspecting, philandering men. They target men with fat accounts and live off the proceeds. They went after a powerful society man and got a rude shock of their…
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Super Models – Nollywood Easter Special 2014

There are no desperate situations, only desperate actions.Graceful and gorgeous Esteria possess the venom of a viper for when she strikes, its usually deadly.The bill board queen will have no model rise to the top and rub shoulders with her but she is about to have a competitor who fights with no weapon."Super Model" explores…
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Who Knows Tomorrow – Latest Nollywood Movies

Our enemies are mostly the closest to us. Grace, an innocent, naive young girl is faced with the most difficult hurdles in her life. Her saviour is close but difficult to reach.Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.An emotional and intriguing movieFollow @nollyvideo
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The Four Boys – Nigerian Nollywood Movies

This a latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie 2013. Flick a finger into a burning candle and see if you can take the hurt for one minute? That is how much scourge the flames put four vibrant, ambitious, young men through. They were denied justice and their voices silenced for an offence they didn't commit. They begged…
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The Boss Is Mine-Latest Nollywood Movie Drama 2016[HD] (Premium)

The moment you notice that your money is what gets you into trouble, then it is either you take a bow or you handle with care. Enjoy this comic and most anticipated movie "The boss is mine"Starring: Imeh Bishop, Mike Godson, Mary Ognona, Sappharie Obi, Daniella OKeke Watch the full movie on ibakatv.comFollow @nollyvideo
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Marriage crisis season – 2016 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

This is a highly comic and educational film shot in a rural setting. It is about a complex family conflict revolving around a young man whose lifebecomes highly complicated the moment he got involved with two different with different background. So many unbelievable wild incidents erupted as these women try to get dominance over each…
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A Little Affair – Nigerian Nollywood Movies

Dzifa, a beautiful and intelligent young lady had inherited quite a fortune from her late father but she was still under the custody of her step-mother.One eventful day, Dzifa overheard a very interesting secret about herself and later that very day, she found out about her step-mother's dirty little secret. Dzifa had a well scripted…