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African Maiden – Latest Nigerian Nollywood Drama Movie (English…

When the village annual traditional dance draws near a group of young maidens take desperate actions to ensuring victory over the other groups. This also places the destined leader of a masquerade group in dilema, when he forgets his role in the event after spending years abroad. Queen Nwokoye, Angela Okorie, Chizzy Alichi. (2015)Follow @nollyvideo

Crazy Landlord – Latest 2016 Nigerian Nollywood Drama Movie (En…

An avaricious landlord appears a thorn on his tenants' flesh. With his relentless thrive to frustrate them, he comes up with the most unconventional and irritating methods of retrieving rent dues. But little did he know that Karma has preserved a blow for his misdeeds. Zulu Adigwe, Patience Ozokwor, Patrick Okoye. (2003)Follow @nollyvideo